Symbols Associated With Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love, affection and romance. It’s also a chance to show your loved one that you care by sending them flowers or a card. I don’t know about you but I always get so excited when it comes around! The holiday is more than just a day off from work, it’s also an excuse to buy gifts for people you care about, whether they’re family members or friends. One thing that doesn’t seem to change though is the symbol associated with this holiday: hearts! Hearts have been used in art for centuries as symbols of love and happiness (hence why they’re often seen on greeting cards). So if you want something special while celebrating Valentine’s Day, check out these cute onesies or other cute outfits that feature hearts everywhere:

The Heart

The heart is the symbol of love. It’s also a popular symbol for Valentine’s Day, and in many languages it has multiple meanings:

  • In English it can be used to denote affection or loyalty, but more commonly it represents romance and romantic relationships between people.
  • Some cultures associate the heart with love itself for example, Chinese culture uses a wreath made up of three hearts as an expression of undying devotion to one person.

Ribbons, Laces And Frills

If you’re looking for a cute and stylish way to express your love, ribbons, lace and frills are the way to go.

The symbols of Valentine’s Day are often associated with these items:

  • Ribbons – These are used as bows on gifts or cards. They can also be used as headbands when wearing hair accessories such as flowers in your hair or feathers on your hat.
  • Laces – These come in many different colors and designs like polka dots (red), hearts (pink), butterflies (blue) etc.. They can also be found in browns along with white if you want something more neutral than just plain red/pink/blue combinations that we usually see during this holiday season every year!
  • Frills – These make up part of many costumes worn by young girls during parties where there will be lots of dancing happening all night long!


Cupid is a Roman god of love, magic, and beauty. He is the son of Venus and Mars and is also known as Eros (Cupid’s bow and arrow). Cupid’s symbol is an arrow with wings. Cupid has wings because he was said to have been born with them after being shot by an arrow from Apollo, the sun god. Cupid was also said to be born with wings because he carried his mother’s love letters to her lover in the form of arrows which fell down upon them while they were in their bed.

Cupid is depicted as a winged man wearing a crown of roses and carrying an arrow. He carries this bow and arrow with him everywhere he goes, even into battle as part of his armor when he fights for love or against evil forces who wish to prevent true love from happening between people who are in love with each other.

The Roses

The roses are a symbol of love and beauty. Roses are often given on Valentine’s Day, but they can also be used in other ways, including bouquets. Roses have been used since ancient times as symbols of romance, beauty and elegance and they’re still popular today!


Hands are a symbol of love and friendship, but also power and authority. When we hold hands with someone, it’s an expression of affection. We may even use this gesture to show our support for something or someone in particular. For example, if you’re at an event where everyone is holding hands and singing karaoke together, you can bet that the person who initiated this activity was trying to show their love for those around them by doing so.

Doves And Love Birds

The dove is a symbol of peace, love and purity. It also represents the Holy Spirit.

  • Peace: Doves are often used in religious art to represent the spirit of God (the Father) giving his peace to humanity through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. This can be seen by looking at paintings such as “The Annunciation” by Jan Brueghel (1606-1665). In this painting, Mary is shown with an angel who holds out a dove in front of her face so that she can hear what God intends for her life which happens to include becoming pregnant with Jesus’ child!
  • Love: Lovebirds are known for their affectionate nature toward each other when they’re together; similarly, people who share their lives together will value each other more than anyone else could ever know just how much that person means to him/herself!


Puzzik is a symbol of love and passion. It’s made from a heart, two arrows, and an open hand. The heart represents the love of man and woman; the arrows represent God’s love for us (John 3:16). The arrow pointing to the heart represents God’s love for us, it means that he wants us to know his goodness!


If you’re not familiar with the concept of rebus, it’s a visual puzzle where words are replaced by pictures. It can be used to represent an entire sentence or just one word. You may have seen this in advertisements for something like a car or movie theater ticket, many companies use rebus puzzles to create brand awareness and loyalty among their customers.

In some ways, rebus is similar to the game “Guess Who?” but instead of guessing who is behind each picture (like in Guess Who?), here you’ll be trying to figure out what word goes with each image before they’re revealed. For example: In one version of this game (which we’ll discuss later), there are four squares above which read “Christmas,” “Birthday,” etc., followed by another square below them that says “Valentine’s Day” followed by more squares that say things like “Love,” “Crush,” etc., until finally they reach bottom row where two circles appear next to each other saying “You” and then underneath it says “Me.” These two circles could mean anything love interest? Crush? Best friends forever? You’ll need some good detective skills if you want top scores on this week’s assignment!

Love Knots

A love knot is a symbol of love, and it’s usually made out of paper, string or cloth. You can make one yourself by tying a ribbon around your heart shaped piece of paper or cardstock. The knot gives off the impression that there’s more than meets the eye which makes it perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Many Things Get Symbol Associated With Valentine’s Day

You can find many things associated with Valentine’s Day, but the heart is one of the most common symbols. The heart symbolizes love, romance and affection. It also represents commitment to another person or group (to their causes).

It’s often used in Valentine’s cards as well as other kinds of greeting cards because it’s such a popular symbol for romance and love! In fact, there are even some people who refer to this day as “heart-day.”

There are many different types of hearts you can use when making your own greeting cards: square shaped ones, round ones, triangular ones… etc., depending on what kind of design you like best! But if you’re looking for something more traditional than those options then try using this cute little doves instead! They’re so adorable no matter how big or small they get too.

We hope we have given you a lot to think about this Valentine’s Day!

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