7 Best Valentine’s Day Playlist Songs

Music for Valentine’s Day is a time of love and romance. Whether you’re celebrating with your loved one or just by yourself, these songs will make your heart flutter.

“The Lady Of Shallott” By Alfven

From “The Lady of Shallott” by Alfven. This is a song about a woman who is forced to stay in her room and watch the world from her window. She wants to go outside, but she can’t because it would be dangerous for her. The music reminds me of the sound that wind makes when you walk through tall grasses or trees with high branches; it has an ethereal quality to it that draws me into this magical world where nature thrives on its own terms instead of being controlled by humans who don’t understand what they’re doing (or worse yet, have no respect for anything).

“Blessed Be That Maid Marie” By Britten

“Blessed Be That Maid Marie” is a song that Britten wrote in the 1940s. In this piece, he set a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins to music and created an anthem celebrating the Blessed Virgin Mary. The song is often sung at Easter time, but it can also be performed during Christmas.

“A Scottish Lullaby” By Chilcott

This beautiful song is in the key of C Major and 4/4 time. The range is from F2 to C5, so if you’re playing it on your instrument and want to know what range it would be for your voice, just sing up or down one octave (for instance, if you’re singing a C5 note, sing an A3).

There are many chords used in this piece: Am7-G7/A7-Cmaj7/#11, etc., but they all sound good together! The melody itself goes through several different sections with different rhythms but they’re all easy enough to memorize once you know them well enough.

“Love Song” By Dello Joio

Let’s start with the lyrics:

“I’d give my life to be with you, and I know there’s no one else like you.”

You might have heard this song before it was featured in the original Grand Theft Auto video game and later released as a single by Dello Joio. In addition, it was one of several songs featured on his album Love Songs Volume 1 (which also includes “Love Song”). The performer here is Jonathan Coulton, who wrote most of these tracks for his albums Still Alive EP and Artificial Heart EP.

“In The Bleak Midwinter” By Darke

“In the Bleak Midwinter”

  • Christmas carol
  • About the birth of Jesus
  • About the hardships of the season, such as cold weather and loneliness.

“On Valentines Day” By Dello Joio

“On Valentines Day” by Dello Joio is a beautiful song that can be listened to in the car or at home. The lyrics are simple, but they have a powerful meaning for those who are looking for something more than just a love song.

The basic structure of this song is “I am yours, you are mine.” It’s not only romantic, but also focuses on how much you care about your partner and what they mean to you as a person.

“Lights Out” By DeRose

“Lights Out” by DeRose is a song that was originally written for piano, but it has since been performed by many other artists. The lyrics were written by Harry B. Smith and the melody is based on pentatonic scale. It has been recorded by many different artists over the years including John McCormack (1928), Bing Crosby (1940), and Frank Sinatra (1954).

You Can Find Songs For Every Person You Love

Music is a universal language, and we’re all different, but there’s a song out there that is just right for you.

You can find the music that fits your mood and the situation, or even just your activity.

What kind of music do you listen to? Do you like country? Then maybe it’s time to put on some Alan Jackson.

Do you like hip hop? Then maybe it’s time to crank up your favorite Drake song.

Do you like R&B? Then maybe it’s time to get some Bruno Mars on your playlist.

Whatever genre you’re into, there’s probably a song out there that will make you feel happy or inspired.

We hope you found some new music for Valentine’s Day, and that it made your day. If not, maybe it will help you get through one of the most stressful days of the year!

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